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Welcome to Emeraldisle's Portal (formally EJ's Universe)

Hi most of you may know me better by my screen name Emeraldisle.  In here you can find out about me and the things I enjoy doing.  So what type of things might you find?  In here are many of my creations that I have done including many graphics in various forms along with a couple of poems that I have written.  You'll also find out about my pets and my hobbies.  If you have any questions or comments please feel free contact me or to sign my guestbook.  I do hope you enjoy your visit and that you come back again.

I am a very firm believer in that the internet is a place to share information and do not object to others taking stuff from my sites. The websets I do ask that people link back to my site so that others may find it as well.  Also please remember to save the items to your own server and not direct link to them.


If you do enjoy the creations on this site and would like to donate to keep them up and going please use the link below. The first one is for Paylpal, the second is for Revolution Money Exchange.  Any and all donations are accepted and will be used for the maintenance of this site, however with paypal I cannot accept credit card/debit card transactions via paypal due to the fees involved.

This website is designed for the latest version of Internet Explorer and does use pop up windows to display images.  Please keep this in mind when viewing.

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