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Below are pictures of some my babies, and although they have four legs they are very much my children and I spoil them rotten. With the picture is an explanation as to how we got them and their names. This page may take a few minutes to load due to the pictures. 

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class="style27"Patches was found in a box outside of Wal-Greens when she was a kitten.  We just couldn't leave her like that.   We believe she is part Siamese so she was nicknamed Banshee before she was fixed.  Now though she's just very loving.

Gabby:  Gabby we got also from someone who was giving away kittens.  She was being kept out doors and needed a good home.  She now hates to be outside and gets very scared the few times she's ventured out the door.

This is Robin, named after Robin Williams  Now we did have his mother who gave birth to him here (she was scheduled to be fixed when she turned up pregnant) .    At three weeks old she went out and never came back.  We don't know what happened to her.  As you can see though he turned out to be very good size.  At a year old Robin weighs in at 14 pounds. 

Harvey and Eliot are two bengal kittens someone was giving away free. They tried to say they were 8 weeks old but by their size they were actually around 3.  We took them in since we knew how to take care of that age kitten.  Eliot is bigger mostly due to Harvey getting a nasty cold at about 7 weeks.  Thankfully the vet was able to take care of him with antibiotics.  As you can see they like to lay in strange places.

This is Rossi, named after Agent Rossi from Criminal Minds (He even has the goatee).  We got him along with his brother Reid (who sadly passed away at 4 months old) when they were abandoned by their mother.  Rossi was so young that when we brought him home he couldn't walk.  He's growing quite large now and loves to lay on keyboards and of course boxes.
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