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Below are some tutorials I have written for Paint Shop Pro.  Now I have used versions 9, 10, 11, and 12 but I still prefer using version 7.04 although I do use 12 on occassion.  To me 7 is the easiest to use.  The others are just too over done and bog down my system way too much and I have a newer system.  So the tutorials are written with versions 7 in mind but should be easy enough to convert for the newer versions.  Please do not write to me trying to convince me that the newer ones are better or to ask me to convert these tutorials for the new ones, I won't.

All links open into a new window so you can come back here easily.  Some of these pages might be graphic intense  to show examples better so please be patient and let them load.

For those with a demo to view it in a pop up window just click on the view demo.  Originally I was going to do mouse over but pop up blockers like to block that option.

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Basic to Intermediate Intermediate  to Advanced Very Advanced
Tubes:   what are they and which format is better to use? Using a Template 2
(with a Scrap Set
Coffee Cup

The layer palette:  A powerful tool Sparkle Frame

Colorizing to suit Changing appearances

Using Filters/Plug-Ins
(includes some links/downloads)
Charmed Sig Tag
(uses filters/plugins)

Using a template

(with colorizing)
Coloring pages

Saving a transparent Image
Fairy Calling Card

 Wood and Gold Frame
uses masks

Twilight Tag
(uses filters/plugins)

Making PSP images useable in all versions
Hermione Tag
(uses filters/plugins)

  Puzzle Tag
(uses mask and filters)

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