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Coffee Cup

This is a more advanced tutorial and expects you to know several things about PSP.

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This is what we'll be making:

Supplies you will need: 

Coffee Gradient
If you do not have the cylinder shape download all the 3d shapes here. (unzip and place in your shapes folder.  You may have to restart Paint Shop Pro)
Optional Alien Skin Nature:  Alien Skin Downloads (Demo only)
Optional:  Walt Disney Font

You will need to put the Nature Plugin into your plug-ins folder (see tutorial on plug-ins/filters for more help). If you downloaded the Walt Disney Font place in your fonts folder.
Coffee gradient needs to be placed in your gradient file in PSP

Create a new transparent image 500 x 600

Click on preset shapes and choose the cylinder using the setting below

On your transparent image draw one out starting at points 60, 98 and going out to 422, 596 (you can view these numbers in the bottom corner of PSP 7) so that your image looks like this:

Go to your layer palette and click on the + (plus sign) next to the cylinder, do this twice.

Double click on the front and choose a new color.  I used: #004040.  Repeat the process for the back layer.  Now your cylinder is green (or whatever color you choose)

Move your cup over to the right edge of your image leaving one row of squares between it and the edge.
On your layer palette click on layer one.  Now click on preset shapes and choose ring. Using the settings below:

Start at  40, 222 and go to 150, 502.  So your image looks like this:

On your layer palette drag the ring below the cylinder.  Now repeat the color change by double clicking on the circle and changing the color to what you used for the cylinder color.

This is what you should have at this point:

On your layer palette add a new raster layer.  Click on preset shapes and choose ellipse using the settings below and using your coffee gradient as your foreground and background colors.

Draw a circle of coffee in your cup starting at 134, 136 going to 464, 228.  You can always adjust as needed once set as a vector.
Go to your layer palette and right click choosing convert to raster layer.  Go up to effects, blur, Gaussian Blur and use the settings below:

This part is optional.  Using Alien Skin Nature choose smoke and use the settings below on the coffee layer:

Your cup should now look like this:

We can now add our character and our name.

Open up a tube of your choice. I'm using Eeyore since he's my favorite character. Copy and paste it as a new layer on your cup. Size it to fit on your cup with room for your name.

Now go up to effects, geometrical, cylinder vertical and use these settings:

Do a drop shadow with these settings:

I used Walt Disney Script for the font and at 48 size with #FFFFC0.

Right click on the layer and choose convert to raster layer.  Now repeat the geometric effect we did above.

Do a drop shadow but at these settings:

Repeat the drop shadow 2 to 3 times.

Merge visible layers.  I resized  mine to 400 x 480

Now to get rid of that hard line at the top here is what you do:

Go under image canvas size and resize to 600 x 600

add a new layer and drag it down below your coffee cup.  Flood fill it with any dark color.  This is so you can see the steam easier.

Take your selection tool, on rectangle and feather at 50draw a rectangle just above the hard line (so that the bottom line of the rectangle is on the top line of steam).

Click cut repeatedly until you get the soft edge you want.  Click selection none.  Click copy and paste as new image.  Now all the excess transparent area is gone.

Save in PNG format.
Remember to have fun :)

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