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Colorizing to Suit: Basic  

To begin with please click on the image below and download the full size paper to work with.

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Now open your Silver Paper up in Paint Shop Pro.  Go up to Colors and click on Colorize

After you click on colorize you'll get a box up.  At the top is a copy of your image and then to the right side what it will look like after you color it.  Below that are two boxes one says hue and the other saturation.  If you set both to zero (0) you'll get a grey scale image; which for this image won't make much of a difference but something to keep in mind for the future for more advanced coloring.

 So now you have these boxes.  The Hue changes the color and the Saturation changes how intense the color is.  So lets plug in some numbers.  Lets try 255 for the Hue and 160 for Saturation.  Now your silver paper is more of a rose.  Click ok and you'll see for yourself.

Now you can use this with any image.  Below is a view of one frame I have that I adjusted the hue and saturation.  You can see now it's a blue frame instead of wood and red.

Now remember to play around and have some fun with it.  You can always undo something :)

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