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Compatibility: Making images that will work in all forms of PSP

This will probably be my only tutorial for PSPX2 and others that are above PSP7.  Many people make new graphics to be used in PSP, tubes, brushes, etc however the newer version of PSP's formats don't always work with earlier ones unless you tell it to.  For some who prefer earlier versions this can be problematic but for those who can't afford to upgrade at all it is frustrating at best.  So below is a very simple tutorial on how to make your images compatible for earlier versions of Paint Shop Pro.

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So you've made your image in Paint Shop Pro and you are ready to save it as .pspimage, .psp, .pspbrush etc. You click on save as or save copy as and you have chosen from the drop down to save image type as "PSPIMAGE"

Now before you click on save click on the options button. It is circled in red below for you to find.

Now that you have the option window open you can now pick it to be saved in a compatible file format.  Click on the little arrow button and you will get a list of all versions from PSP 5 on up to your current version.  Now I would suggest  saving it at PSP 7 but you could do it even earlier as to PSP5.

Click "Ok" and then save your image. Now if you go to share it others who have earlier versions then yourself will be able to use it without a hassle.


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