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Fairy Calling Card

This is a more advanced tutorial and expects you to know a few things about PSP.

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This is what we'll be making:

Supplies you will need. Download this zip file that contains the image, mask and gold pattern I'll be using. Place the gold fold into your pattern folder in PSP. You may use another image besides the one I am using. I do not know who is the artist/owner of this image, if anyone knows please let me know so I can give them proper credit.


Open up  the image you are going to use in your psp along with your mask.  Use shift D to make a copy and then close out the originals.  You can minimize them all for now.  Open up a new blank image size 400 x 300.   Click on  flood fill and choose a color from your image with the eyedropper.  I used #795F64.  Flood fill your image.  Now go under Effects, Texture Effects and click on fine leather.  Use the following settings:

Now you may have to adjust this depending on the color you are using.

Add a new raster and flood fill with white.  Click on Masks, New from Image and pick the sg_eye-of-the-storm from the drop down menu with the following settings:

and then go under Masks, delete and say yes to the pop up question

On your layer palette change this layer to 37.  Your image should now look like this:

On your layer palette click on Merge all
Now we are going to make the Fairy Globe Part

Click on your preset shapes and choose Ellipse and retain style.  Draw an ellipse starting at  220, 5 and drag down to 390, 260.  Now if you have trouble with this just start one and then you can move and adjust it so that the top left corner is at 220, 5 and the bottom right is at 390, 260 (You can view this in the bottom left corner of PSP where the mouse is at in the picture)

On your layer palette right click on this layer and choose "convert to raster layer"
Click on your magic wand, match mode radiance and tolerance at 0, feather at 0.  Click inside your ellipse.  Add a new raster layer.  Flood fill the selection on your new layer white.

Go under selections, modify, contract and contract by 5.  Click on cut.  Select none
Using your magic wand again with the same settings, click on the white ellipse you now have.  Go under effects, texture to sculpture.  Use the gold settings but change the image used to the goldfold.bmp that you just downloaded.

Select None
Now go to your selected image and click copy.  You can now close out that image.  Paste it as a new layer on your work image.  If you used the one I did go to image, resize and use the settings below.

Move the image over so it covers your ellipse On your layer palette move this image layer below the layer with your ellipse on it.  Adjust the placement of the picture so that you have visible what you want in the ellipse. 

Click on your magic wand and on your gold ellipse layer click inside the ellipse.  Go to selections, modify and expand.  Expand by 2 pixels

Go to Selections again and choose invert.  Click on your image layer and then click cut.  Do not deselect. 

Go to selections again and choose invert.  Add a new raster layer.  Go to your Globe image and click copy.  You can now close out this image.  Go back to your working image.  Go  under edit, paste, paste into selection.  Select none.

 Make sure your globe layer is put below your gold ellipse layer but above the image layer. 

Your layer palette should look something like this:

Click on your normal ellipse layer, the black lined one.  Right click and choose delete.  Turn off the visibility of your background layer (click on the little glasses).  Click on any of the other layers and choose merge visible.  Now turn visibility back on your background layer.   Your image should now look something like this. 

Click on your corner.png and choose copy. You can now close out this image.  Paste it as a new layer on your working image.  Resize the corner with the same settings as above and move it to the left bottom corner.

On the layer palette click on the corner layer and then  click where it says normal and change to darken.

Go to effects, 3d effects, drop shadow.  Use the settings below:


Click on your merged layer and repeat the drop shadow effect.

Now we will make the frame and letters.

Make sure your background color is set to white.  Go to image, add borders.  Use the settings below:

Click on your magic wand with the same settings as before and then click on the white border.

Go under effects, texture to sculpture and use the same gold settings as before.

Now go to selections and click on invert. Effects, 3d effects, cutout using the settings below:

Now repeat the cut out but change the vertical and horizontal to -5.  Select none

Click on your text tool.  Stroke nil and fill white.  I used script MT Bold but you can use any font you would like.  Below are the settings I used:

Click ok and use your mover tool to place the name or text where you want it.  While still selected go up to your effects, textured effects, sculpture and use the gold settings as before. 

Go to effects, 3d effects, drop shadow and use the settings below:

Go over to your palette and right click on the layer saying Floating selection and click on promote to layer.  Now save and you are done.
Your image should now look something like this:

Remember to have fun :)

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