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Layer Palette: A powerful tool to use

Before we start you need an image that has more then one layer to it. Don't panic if you have never done this. You probably have and just not realized it. Open up 2 images that are close in size. Copy one of them and close it out. Go to your other image and click on edit, paste as new layer.

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If you have never opened the layer palette it's very easy.  If you look at the top of PSP 7 you'll see different icons.  You want the icon that has greenish square over a red one.  In the image below it is circled for you to see:

So you have it open.  What good is it.  There is a lot you can do with this palette so long as you have more then one layer.  Right now though you have one layer and one background.  So lets change that.  Where it has the names on the palette you want to right click on the name background and then click on promote to layer.  Now you will have 2 Layers.

  If you look in the one section which is circled below you can change the transparency of a layer, so you can determine how much shows from below.

Now in the section right next to that where it says Normal if you click on it you have the option to really play around with different effects. Try each one out at different transparency levels.  It can make some awesome effects as you can see in the second image below.

Now remember to play around and have some fun with it.  You might be amazed at what you find.

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