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Using a template

Before we start you'll need a template and at least one image. Now you can use the image I'm supplying below or another one but I would recommend using the same template so that it's easier to follow. So download the template and unzip it.

Template 9

Click on thumbnail to view full image and download it. "This is The Pastoral Symphony" by Jonathan Early Bowser. You can view his other work at his site here. I chose this picture due to it's variety of colors so you'll have plenty to choose from.

 Untitled 1



Graphic Downloads




Open both your template and your image in PSP.  Press shift and D to make an exact copy  of each and close out the originals.  We are first going to go to our image and pick a color from it.  Click on your color palette and use the dropper to pick a color.  Remember the hue and sat numbers.  For myself I'm taking the red from her skirt as you can see in the image below.

Minimize your image and bring up your template.  Now make sure you have your layer palette open.  You'll notice that the image is in shades of grey so it makes colorizing it very easy.  Click on Paper 1 and then go up to Colors/Colorize and plug in your Hue number and your Sat (Saturation) number.  Now I for one have found that the sat number might have to be adjusted.  For this first layer I used Hue 245 and Sat of 150

 Now click on Paper 2 on the layer palette and repeat.  For this one though I lowered the Saturation number down to 100 but kept the hue the same.  So right now my image looks like this:

Now the next will be photo 1 on the layer.  For this you will just be changing the frame part of the photo. The white part will stay white.  To add some variety I changed the Hue to 150 and the Sat to 150 as well. So that our frames are blue instead of just red.

Now click on the layer that says Ribbon and colorize but back to using the Hue of 245 and Sat of 100. On the next layer, the slider you can use the same or switch to the 150 and 150.  I did the switch but either works nice.  So here is how it should look at this point.

Now you may want to save were you are at before we go on to the next step.  Adding your images :).  When you are ready click here to continue.

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