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Using a template while using a Scrap Kit

This is a more advanced tutorial and expects you to know some basics about PSP.

Before we start you'll need a template and at least one image. Now you can use the image I'm supplying below or another one but I would recommend using the same template so that it's easier to follow. So download the template and unzip it. This is the same template and image used in the Template Tutorial with colorizing.

Template 9

You'll also need an image.  Click on thumbnail to view full image and download it. "This is The Pastoral Symphony" by Jonathan Early Bowser. You can view his other work at his site here. I picked this picture due to it's variety of colors so you'll have plenty to choose from.

Now you also need a scrap set. I'm using Scrap Set number 4 from this site and you can download it or others there. The one I'm using looks like this:

 Untitled 1



Graphic Downloads




Open both your template and your image in PSP.  Press shift and D to make an exact copy  of each and close out the originals.  Now you will also have to open up your scrap kit.  Now if you are using the same one I did it's a pspimage set so it's all in one image just on different layers.  Minimize your image but have your template and scrap kit open.  You will be going back and forth.  Also make sure you have your layer palette open.

On your scrap kit click on the layer bg 3 and then click copy. Click on your template and click on paper 1. Then go under selections and click on select all. Click on edit and paste into selection. Under selections Select None.


Now as you can see we have a pretty light purple background there but it is pretty plain. So lets spice it up a bit.  Go under effects to texture effects and pick fine leather.  Choose small cracks at the settings below.  Then repeat.  Now our plain purple doesn't look so plain.

Now go back to your scrap kit and click on the bg layer, click copy.  Go back to your template and click on paper 2.  Click on selections and click select all.  Then click float, then click defloat.  This way all the paper on paper 2 has ants around it.   You can also achieve this by using your magic wand.  Click on the area outside of the paper and then under selections choose invert.  Which ever is easier for you.

Again click on Edit and then paste into selection.  Select none.  Follow the directions for the fine leather once more for this layer. So right now it should look something like this:

Now things can be a bit more complicated so we'll take it element by element.  First we are going to work on the ribbon. This scrap kit doesn't have a ribbon but has a zig-zag so we'll use that instead.  Click on the layer named that and click copy.  Go back to the template and paste it as a new layer.  Now you are probably going "Whoa that's huge and going the wrong way".  Easy enough to fix. 

1. First go under image rotate, click on right and then free hand 45, make sure all layers is unchecked

2. Go under image to resize. Choose 45 percent of original

3. Place the zig-zag over the ribbon and erase or cut any extra that extends over paper 2.
Now you can delete the layers ribbon and the slider layer since the slider doesn't look right with the zig-zag. This is what it should look like at this point:

Now we are going to change out the picture frames.  Don't panic :) YetOn your scrap set click on the layer that is titled frame met bloem and then click copy. Go back to your template.

Click on the layer that titled photo 1. Click on selections, select all, float and then defloat (or use your magic wand to click outside of the photo frame and then go selections invert). You want to have ants marching around the picture frame.

Click on layers, new raster layer.  Name this "New Photo Frame 1".  Click paste into selection.  Select none.  Don't delete the old frame quite yet.  You'll have a use for it before we are done.

On your template delete photo 2 and 3.  Go to your scrap kit and click on the layer titled Dubbelframe and copy it.  Go to your template and paste as a new layer.  Now you want to rotate the image 45 degrees and then resize it by 45 percent, the same as above for the zig-zag.  Your image should now look something like this:

Now you may want to save were you are at before we go on to the next step.  Adding your images :).  When you are ready click here to continue.

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