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Using a template while using a Scrap Kit

This is a more advanced tutorial and expects you to know some basics about PSP.

Adding the photos

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So you have the background looking nice and the new frames in.  You can now close out your scrap kit. Now we have to add in the images. First click on the layer palette to photo 1. Using your magic wand at RGB Value tolerance of 20 click on the white area of photo 1 so you have ants marching all around. Go under layers and add a new raster layer. Go over to your image and click copy. Go back to your template and paste into selection. Select none and you can now delete photo 1 layer.

Click on your layer titled New Photo Frame 1.  Go to effects, 3d effects and do a drop shadow at the settings below:

 The top image should now look something like this:

Now on your template click on the layer with the double frame on it.  With your magic wand click on the inside of the frame.  Hold your shift button and click on all the inside of the frame so that all of the inside has ants marching.

Go under selections and modify, expand by 2.  Go under layers and add new raster layer and name it Photo 2.  Go over to your image and using your selection tool select part of the image.  Go back to your template and click on the layer named Photo 2, paste into selection.  Select none.  On your layer palette make sure that the Photo 2 layer is under (below) the layer with the double frame on it.

Click on your double frame layer and repeat the drop shadow from above. Now depending on which part of the image you chose will vary as to what shows in your frames but it should look something like this:

Now repeat the same drop shadow on the paper layer 2 and then on the zig-zag layer on your template. 

Here is how mine turned out (resized to 450 x 515):

You can now add any words you'd like to it or other decorations.  Then save :)
Remember to have fun and be willing to play around with it.  Back to page 1

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