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Saving a transparent image

This is for images where you want part of the image to be transparent or partially transparent, not for animations. Now these images are optimized for viewing with IE 7.

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If you have ever tried to save an image with partial or fully transparent images to put up on a site you know it's not easy.  Unless you use the exact same color as the background of the page for the background and use it then as a normal image they have a tendency not to look right.  Below are a few examples using different methods with .gif extensions


Now compare it to this one

Big difference huh?  This last one is saved as a PNG instead of as a gif. PNG works in html and in emails just like jpeg and gif but it keeps partial transparencies as they should be. So how does one save to PNG?  It's easy.

In Paint Shop Pro create your graphic, whatever it is.  Now go to save it.  If you look when you save you get a dialogue box with all different file formats to pick from.  Just scroll down to the png format.  Click on that and just click save.  That is all there is to it. (If you have version PSP 8 or 12 view below note)

In version 8 and 12 (I'm assuming the versions in-between are similar) you do need to tell PSP to save PNG with the transparencies otherwise it converts it to a white background.  To do this go under file, to file format preferences. In 8, click on the PNG tab and uncheck the option there.  Click OK and you are done.

In 12, click on the PNG tab and choose the "Load and save transparency to/from layer transparency".  Click OK and you are done.

Remember to have fun :)

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