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Tubes:  tub (psptube), psd, png

What are they and which is better to use?

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For those who don't know all three of these do something of the same thing. They are pre-cut out images, also known as tubes, that you can use to make graphics with. Now tub or psptube is Paint Sho Pro's version, PSD is photohops version and PNG is Portable Network Graphics. Now PSP comes with some tubes but you can use any of these formats with paint shop pro. You can export the images to your psp tubes folder if you want but I would suggest against doing this. I'm sure you are asking why at this point. If you start collecting these images (and there are many sites out there that have them for download) and you export them all into your tubes folder to use with the picture tube wand it will bog down. Loading all those images takes time after all. You are better off making your own folders and just opening the image in your paint shop pro and copy/pasting it in.

So now lets say you went to a site and downloaded a tube and you wonder should you keep it in tube format or convert it over to something else?  Or you have downloaded one that is in png or psd format, should you open it and then save it as a tub.  I would recommend, if you can, switch them to PNG format.  Now I'm sure you are asking why.  When you save in TUB or PSD you save the parts that were removed as well as the image you see thus taking up  a lot of room.  Now this is for single layer tubes not necessarily for templates or tubes with many layers.  If they have layers and you want to keep the layer then leaving them in PSP format is best.

Below you should see an image of Queen Amidala from the Star Wars movies. Now this is in PNG format, as you will notice it works in html pages and will load in emails unlike TUB or PSD, where to show these off you have to make a jpg of them separately and use a zip file to make them downloadable. (If it is not showing I suggest you upgrade to the newest form of IE). Here are the different sizes for the same image in the different formats:

PNG: 177 KB
PSD: 515 KB
TUB: 232 KB

If you want you can download all three to compare image wise how they view. For the PNG just right click below and do save as, for the others click on the links above.

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