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Twilight Tag

This is a more advanced tutorial and expects you to know a few things about PSP.

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This is what we'll be making:

Supplies you will need: 

 Twilight PNG
VM Extravaganza
Mura Miester Copies (Outside link)

Optional:  Twilight Font

You will need to put the Mura Miester and the VM Extravaganze into your plug-ins folder (see tutorial on plug-ins/filters for more help). If you downloaded the Twilight Font place in your fonts folder.

Open up  the twilight-couple.png  in your psp.  Use shift D to make a copy of each one and then close the originals.

Add a new layer and flood fill with black, move the layer below the image (drag it via the layer palette) and merge visible.  Resize the image to 375 x 478.

Click Copy

Create a new blank image 500 by 375 pixels.  Flood Fill with Black. 

Click paste and then merge visible.

Go under Effects: plugins and choose Mura Miester Copies and use the default settings for Duplicate(Cross) but change the BG Color to Black

Now go under Effects Plugins and choose VM Extravaganza:  Stay In Line.  Use the settings below (from default you only need to change the transparency to 180)  (I have imported my VM into Filters Unlimited)

Click Paste again.  You should still have your twilight image and it will appear in the center.

Resize the image 75% using the settings below:

Move the image over to where the right edge over to the light edge from the cross (see example above)
Go under effects and do a 3D drop shadow with the settings below:

Go to your layer palette and click on the layer with your image.  Right click and choose duplicate

Click on the layer that says Copy of Layer 1.

Resize the image using the settings above.

Repeat duplication and resize.

Go under Image and Click add border.  You want to add a 5 pixel black border

Now to add your text.  I am using  Twilight Font at size "24" and white.

Keep selected and go to effects, 3D effects, Drop Shadow and do one at the settings below

Repeat drop shadow and then go the layer palette right click and promote to layer.  

Using your mover place your font where you want.  Save your image.

Remember to have fun :)

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